Wednesday, 7 May 2014

April Empties ...

Hi guys,

So this is the first of my "empties" post. I have a seen a lot of people do these posts and I decided to do because I find it interesting to actually see what I use. Excuse the weird looking thumb, I couldn't photograph without the Herbal Essences falling over!

I have reviewed this product before. Not a fan, it didn't really clean my hair very well, although the conditioner did soften my hair. The colour was maintained well and looked shinier after each wash. I think it preserved my colour instead of doing the actual job of shampoo.

I love the smell of this, although it wasn't very strong. I think this combined with the other herbal essences shampoo and conditioner have put me off Herbal Essences for life - unless there are any others out there that I just haven't seen. I have don't think it strengthened my hair at all although the shampoo worked.

Lovely mask, only 99p too which is a bargain. As a general rule, I don't generally use the peel off masks as I find them too difficult to remove, but this one seemed to do the job and left my face less blemished. I have repurchased these and I have a few in my stockpile for future use.

Gorgeous smell. It has seaweed and caffeine in it which is supposed to have firming properties. I feel like it improved my skin and skin tone, if this is what it means my firming. It didn't do anything for any skin blemishes on my body though. Won't repurchase, although I love Garnier.

I have these wipes in a massive stockpile. They're 75p a pack and usually on 3 for 2. I love the fragrance, I love how well they clean and I love how well they clean my skin. Although I do have to use cleanser after. They are great for a morning refresh though.

Rimmel Recover Foundation in Ivory

This used to be amazing for my skin. It would be all I needed and then on I go with my day. I would just use this after a night out and hey presto, my skin would be fab. Only now, I just don't have any love for this product. But I think this is my face's fault. It has changed and I have got a little (LITTLE) older and I think this has made a difference. I now have oilier skin than I used to and more break outs than I would as a teenager. I think its work stress! I would recommend this if you are a fan of tinted moisturiser, because it is that light. However, if you have skin like me, it just isn't enough.

ELF Tinted Moisturiser

This isn't in here because it has been used. I bought this to try and I have never seen such a poor product. It made my face go a funny colour. Its consistency is watery and it is just a horrible product. So, it is going in the bin along with the empties. I will do a separate product review of this.

Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud

I used to always buy natural collection blush when I was a teenager. I repurchased it when I was getting married last year in Pink Cloud as I loved the subtle colour it provided as my cheeks are naturally blushed anyway. It is only £1.99 and all natural collection products are 3 for £5.00 too which is amazing. It is perfect also if you are thinking of getting a product for your teenager too as they are very light for teenage skin.

I have linked all of the items above .. mainly Boots but there are others too. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Body Spray Collection ...

Hi guys,

So today I am going to talk about my body spray collection. It is not very big as I usually just wear deodorant and perfume. However, these are the body sprays I use regularly.

Soap & Glory Flirtigo

I like impulse because I used it all the time as a teenager and it takes me back but also because it just freshens you up. My favourite is romantic spark (pictured) because it has a floral fragrance. However, my favourites EVER are the Soap and Glory body sprays. They smell as good as the rest of the Soap & Glory, but the smell stays with you all day. They are lovely. They are also light wearing, they do literally "mist" you. I wear Mist you Madly more than Flirtigo which is why I have the small version for my handbag too. The Flirtigo is now discontinued from Boots, but you can pick it up on Ebay. 

See you soon,

Rachael xox

Chick Flick Review: Legally Blonde(s)

Hi guys,

So the final in the week series of the chick flick reviews is Legally Blonde. I have also included Legally Blonde 2 and Legally Blondes; it is a blonde special.

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Legally Blonde


An extraordinary comic performance from Reese Witherspoon makes Legally Blonde a winner. Witherspoon’s Elle is a ditzy blonde forced by circumstances to metamorphose into a strong-minded and academic lawyer, without losing her strong sense of self in the process. After majoring in fashion sales, she applies to Harvard Law School to pursue the boy who jilted her, and discovers that she is smart as well as beautiful.Much of this is standard fish-out-of-water fare, with drab "intellectuals" snubbing the colourful and well-meaning Elle. Yet feminists will be disconcerted to discover that, apparently, a life of manicures and accessorising will teach you as much about female solidarity as decades of consciousness-raising! Recruited to the defence team of a fitness guru, she takes the defendant’s innocence for granted rather than feeling superior to her. Gradually, she and her ex's new fiancĂ©e build a fragile friendship that matters to both of them; Selma Blair is excellent as the snobbish vulnerable Vivienne. It might be a predictable self-help fairytale, but it’s also well-observed, cute and funny.
On the DVD: the DVD is presented in 1.78:1 ratio with 5.1 Dolby digital sound as standard. The disc also comes with a wealth of features, including a documentary on the film's obsession with hairstyles--outlining the struggle to keep its heroine bleach blonde from day to day--and a bubbly commentary from Witherspoon and director Robert Luketic. There are also promos, a theatrical trailer and an optional trivia track. --Roz Kaveney

I love Legally Blonde. I watched this for the first time years ago and I was hooked. So much so that I initially applied to do Law as a degree, before I went full circle. It's the sort of film that can be described as fluffy but I have never met anyone who doesn't like it. I love Reese Witherspoon as an actress anyway, I don't think I have seen her in a film I don't like. She just brings this amazing quality to the role. 

Legally Blonde 2


The winning comic finesse of Reese Witherspoon drives Legally Blonde 2. It's astonishing that the sequel could possibly be daffier than the first movie, but Legally Blonde 2 leaves reality behind like an unflattering outfit. Unemployed lawyer Elle Woods (Witherspoon) sets off to the US capitol to ban cosmetics testing on animals, after discovering that her beloved Chihuahua's own mother is being used as a test subject. Washington DC becomes a testing ground for Elle's mettle, as she grapples with callous committees, backstabbing representatives and devious aides to get her bill considered by Congress, with some help from her sorority sisters and her hairdresser friend Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge). Witherspoon bursts with charisma and dazzles with sheer performing skill; she's the comic heir to screwball comedienne Carole Lombard--which is high praise. The film also features Bob Newhart and Sally Field. --Bret Fetzer
So Legally Blonde 2 is a little far fetched. It is the same kind of storyline, how Elle Woods overcomes the adversary and proves Blonde is best when it comes to comical films. I don't have a stand out scene in this film, except when gay dogs are introduced? I think it is good as a sequel considering sometimes that sequels can be absolutely rubbish. What I do like about the sequel is that it shows "sisterhood". The fact that people can come together to overcome problems and hardships is what we need to see more off in films, even if it is a bit of fluff.

Legally Blondes

Product Description

A follow-up to 'Legally Blond 2', this time without Reese Witherspoon in the cast, instead starring Camilla Rosso, Rebecca Rosso and Brittany Curran. When Elle Woods' young, blonde cousins Annie (Camilla Rosso) and Izzy (Becky Rosso) move from England to California, they find themselves in a totally different world than the one they're used to. When faced with being framed for a crime they didn't commit, Izzy and Annie prove once again that blondes must never be underestimated...

Sooooo, I am not going to recommend this film to watch. It follows the younger cousins of Elle as they move to California from Kentfield, England. They soon get on the wrong side of the wrong people and get accused of cheating on a test. Soon follows a school courtroom situation where they have to prove their innocence. A really bad follow up, but if you have watched the other two, it might round it off. Think high school musical version of Legally blonde without the singing and without Zac Efron. Yeah, that bad.

Okay, so this is the end of the week long chick flick special. I will continue to pop a film review on every Friday with my book reviews. If there is anything specific you would like a review on then please let me know.

See you soon,

Rachael xox

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chick Flick Review: Crazy Beautiful

Hi guys,

So the next film is Crazy/Beautiful. I have had this on DVD for a while but I watched it last week for the first time. 

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Product Description

Carlos (Jay Hernandez) is a poor Los Angeles high school student who has worked hard, attained consistently good grades, and now intends to apply for Naval Academy. When he meets and begins dating messed-up rich girl Nicole (Kirsten Dunst), he is surprised to discover that her father is Congressman Tom Oakley (Bruce Davison), one of the men to whom he has applied seeking sponsorship for the Academy. Tom takes an instant liking to Carlos, but is worried that his involvement with Nicole might distract him from attaining his goals and says that the relationship must end in order for the sponsorship to be agreed. Carlos now has to choose between being with the girl he loves or following the dream his family have long nurtured for him.

I loved this film. I am a sucker for a love story, as previously mentioned.  This film is brilliant. It follows the story of Nicole, played by Kirsten Dunst who suffers with mental issues and is in constant trouble with her father who is a Congressman. She meets Carlos and they begin a relationship, with Nicole's mental illness is continuously being a threat to his good grades and possible sponsorship to the academy. This film is very touching and compelling and I love the storyline. The only problem with this film is the constant grunge of Kirsten Dunsts' character; bras are nonexistant!

Rachael xox

Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday Book Review: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Hi guys,

Today's book review is the Hunger Games. I am sure a lot of you have seen the film, but the books are so much better. There are three books in total which are getting made into four films. The last book is split into two.

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Amazon Product Description

Set in a dark vision of the near future, a terrifying reality TV show is taking place. Twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live event called The Hunger Games. There is only one rule: kill or be killed. When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her younger sister's place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.

Book one introduces us to a future reality where Katniss Everdeen is fighting for her family's survival along with her friend Gayle. They hunt down food and avoid being caught sneaking out of their district's line. There were originally thirteen districts, but number thirteen was destroyed when the people rebelled against the capitol. As a punishment, they created The Hunger Games. It is a once a year event where the young people of each district (aged between 12 and 18) are prepared for a reaping. Their names are put into a pot and then a girl and boy are selected at random to compete. Katniss and Peeta of District 12 are entered into the Hunger Games after Katniss volunteers for her younger sister who is chosen. We then follow them as they make their way into the capitol before finally taking part in the Games. I am not going to spoil it for anyone, especially if they haven't seen the movie, but all I can say is, they are excellent.
Book two and Book three are great too, with Book three being my personal best. If you can't wait for films three and four, then just read the books. Simples. 
What I will say, is that I normally cannot watch things like this due to the worrying nature, that any of this could happen. I heard that Suzanne Collins intention of these books were to highlight the terror of the Iraq war and the bad nature of reality TV. If this is true, then this was achieved because it definitely chilled me to the bone.
See you soon,

Rachael xox

Chick Flick Review: Sixteen Candles

Hi guys,

So the next film is Sixteen Candles. This is a bit of an "oldie", released in 1984. 

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Molly Ringwald established herself as the teen queen of the '80s in this fresh comedy. The movie is a day in the life of Samantha, whose 16th birthday is turning out to be anything but sweet. All the traumas of teendom come down on one long day, which sees Samantha surrounded by dithery relatives, mooning over a high school hunk, and pursued by a sawed-off Lothario. Sixteen Candles marked the directing debut of John Hughes, and its goofy energy displayed a promising talent with a great ear for high school lingo ... a promise neglected since Hughes became, after Home Alone, a one-man entertainment industry. There are some pretty crass moments (Why the stereotype of the foreign-exchange student from Asia?), but Ringwald's steady appeal smoothes over the rough spots. As the pubescent, self-styled lady-killer, Anthony Michael Hall turns in a hilarious portrait of a young swinger; he and Ringwald would reteam with Hughes for The Breakfast Club, another key teen picture of the decade. --Robert Horton

I once watched this film because they made reference to it in One Tree Hill as "the best coming of age film". Well, as a person who "came of age" in the noughties, I don't really relate to it in that way. However, what you do have is a film about a girl who is forgotten about on her 16th birthday because her parents have so much on their mind with their other daughter getting married the next day. Add in a love interest, an infatuated young teen stalker and a strange but not necessary foreign exchange student and you do get a good film, and I mean good, not great. I think it is Samantha's character that rescues the film from some strange scenes. Also, the love story is a little hard to follow considering she never says much to the guy who she "loves and is saving herself for". It is worth a watch, let me know what you think!

See you soon, Rachael xox

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Chick Flick Review: Crossroads

Hi guys,

So the next chick flick movie to review is Crossroads. 

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Product Description

Britney Spears appears in her first major film role in this tale of three teenage friends on a road trip to Los Angeles. Mimi (Taryn Manning) aims to enter a talent competition and win a recording contract, Lucy (Spears) wants to visit her mother in Arizona, and Kit (Zoe Saldana) hopes to see her boyfriend at UCLA; so after they graduate from high school, the three of them set out on the road together. Along the way, the three old friends discover more about themselves, about each other, and their plans and hopes for the future.

So, this film is very cheesy. You know those Sundays when you are so hungover you could die so you just curl up on the sofa in the duvet and watch a film where you don't need to do any brow frowning or heavy thinking .. well this is the perfect movie for that. Britney plays the part of Lucy who has two childhood friends who she has drifted apart from. We meet up with them on graduation night when her friend Mimi says she wants to go off to do a singing competition. They end up on the road where they end up driving with a hot chauffeur with pit stops to fix the car, stare at the stars and visit Lucy's mum who abandoned her as a young child. It is funny, very girly and soo cheesy it's good. I first watched this film when Britney Spears was in her prime and watched it again recently. I like it because I'm a sucker for anything with a bit of romance and a bit of singing. Basically, I like films with a bit of fluff!
Anyone else love Crossroads?

See you soon,
Rachael xox