Sunday, 23 October 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

Hi guys,

When we moved, I think the best room to finish was our bedroom. I still now feel a little unsettled in the house, I don't know if its because I am not used to it or it still doesn't feel like mine, but having my room decorated make me feel a lot better.

In our old house we had got into our routine and even things like putting away clothes etc. all had a rhythm and I feel like this is just not happening at the moment.

I have got some plans for a walk in wardrobe, so I am hoping this will be the cherry on the cake!

For our room, I wanted it to be glam and relaxing!

The wallpaper is from B&Q. It was £25 a roll. The table lamps are Argos and the gold candle holder is from B&M. My unicorn moneybox is from Paperchase and I adore this. I can't bring myself to put any coins in there yet. 

For decorating the bed, our actual bedding is from Dunelm Mill. I am going to buy a huge bedspread soon to keep us warm over the Winter. To create some glamour, I bought different textured cushions; fur, sequin and glitter. This just adds different dimensions to the look.

The curtains are a heavy crushed velvet feel and hang beautifully. The colour matches so well too.
Our bed we also got from Argos. The bed is so glam and I am going to buy a matching chaise shortly!

The light pendant is from Wilko. I did originally want an overhanging chandelier but I decided against it when I saw this. I love the effect it has when switched on. 

We have fitted wardrobes, a chest of drawers and dressing table in the room but they aren't permanent fixtures due to the planned walk in wardrobe so I will definitely update you when that happens!

Finally, this is our view from our bedroom. We adore it. There is a train line that runs past but we hardly hear a train going past - oddly I find it quite comforting. On a Sunday morning, there is nothing better than snuggling in bed with a mag or book, cup of tea & watching the cows/horses in the field.

Rachael xox


  1. ough... awesome. love more pillows... :D