Sunday, 30 April 2017

Avon True Colour Lipstick Review ...

Hi guys,

I cannot believe that I haven't spoken about these lipsticks before. 

I love Avon products full stop due to the quality and although I don't usually wear lipstick, I find I can really get away with the Avon colours. Here are two of my favourite colours!

At £7.50, these lipsticks aren't the cheapest - you can usually pick up a couple from Rimmel or Collection for only £4-£5.00 but these versions from Avon for me, have excellent quality.

I get the loveliest shine but they are also infused with shea butter and vitamin E. This makes my lips be super soft, when some formulas really dry them out.

I think these shades may have discontinued a little while ago, but check out the huge range here.

I think they are definitely worth trying out, they have the nicest shades - even for those who have the worst suitability for lipsticks (moi!)!

Have you got any lipstick recommendations for me??

Rachael xox

Friday, 28 April 2017

Rimmel Brow Shake Powder Review

Hi guys,

I recently picked up this Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder from Boots and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Firstly, my brows at the moment are such a good shape that it I find it easier to fill them in. I do wish they would grow quicker - especially when I have those overplucking moments.

I fill in my brows every day. I tend to go a bit thicker for a night out but during the day I just like to fill in my shape a little and fill out where my gaps are (only a few).

When I first saw the Rimmel powder advertised, I was really excited to go and try it. I am a huge fan of Rimmel products and have used them since I first started wearing makeup.

As you can see, it is actually a powder. You have to shake it a little first and then you are good to go. I find that then tapping off the excess powder is key so you don't get darker splodges on your brow.

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder has great pigmentation but it takes good practice. The nib is perfect for the application but it isn't very easy to control and that is why you do need to have a good go. The shade is amazing for my colouring too. I think the black shade would be too dark for me. I think for the price of only £5.99 too it is an absolute bargain. I get a better finish with this than most of the expensive brand names. 

I don't know how long it will last until I do an empties post but I don't use it as much as a plain pencil. I do tend to use this more for a night out when I want a bigger impact.

My little downfall is that because it is hard to control, I sometimes end up with a little blob of powder around my eyebrow that isn't very easy to get off. I do find applying browcote or wax is best to finish this off.

Have you tried this?

Rachael xox

Monday, 24 April 2017

Revlon Colour Burst Balm Stain ...

Hi guys,

So id you read my blog often, you know that I much prefer a gloss to a lipstick. However, I saw this lip balm crayon from Revlon and I just had to try 

It is a retractable crayon which means you do not need a sharpener for it. It is very lightweight and super moisturising. You can get this in the most beautiful shades.

Pink is not my ideal colour but this one is so pigmented and is such a candy type colour. This is shade 205 in Elusive. You can pick up a balm crayon here.

The reason I love this product is because it isn't like a normal lipstick. The product says it is a matte balm but it is less matte and more glossy which has the most beautiful texture. 

I think this will be perfect during the Summer months, particularly on holiday. It isn't often I buy products from Revlon, but I will be picking this up in more colours. They do a beautiful red colour.

Have you tried this?

Rachael xox

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Spa Day at Bannatyne's ...

Hi guys,

So my friend and I headed to Bannatyne's Health Club in Durham recently for a Spa Day. My friend is a teacher so half term for her means a mix of marking and chilling out. I always have a day off during the week - usually a Tuesday so we decided to make the most of it. 

We found a special offer on Buy A Gift for a full day at the health club for two people for £60! It was a bargain so we thought we would treat ourselves. The package included access to the health club all day which is the pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi spa, gym, any classes + 2 x 20 minute treatments in the spa. 

This was for anywhere in the country but we chose the Durham club as it is closer to us. This one is located near the Dragonsville industrial estate and was very easy to get to from the A1 or A19.

When we got there (around 10am to make the most of the day), we had to fill in some forms about out allergies etc - standard stuff. We went into the cafe bar to fill these in. You can fill these in before hand by downloading them to save a bit of time OR grab a coffee while you do the admin. 

We picked up a spa bag from reception which was a £5 charge. It came with these slippers, a robe, a towel and the bag was a big reusable bag (which will be ideal for future visits). The robe and towel have to be returned at the end of the day but you get to keep the slippers and bag. It was just so luxurious to be in a dressing gown and slippers all day and be pampered.

The receptionist showed us around the whole spa and then left us at the locker room to get changed.

We took sports clothes and swimwear with us and after checking the class list, we decided to do the aqua aerobics which started at 11am. The pool was quite a good size and had loungers around the side. There was a jacuzzi spa to the side along with a sauna and steam room.

We took part in aqua aerobics which was a 45 minute class and I absolutely loved it! So much so that I am going to start doing a class near me.

We then chilled in the pool and the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi spa is so relaxing. I have a hot tub at home and I know how amazingly chilled it makes you feel.

At lunchtime, we went to the cafe bar. At this point we were quite thirsty - we wished we had picked up a drink before the pool - you can take a drink into the pool area as long as it is in a plastic cup.

I got a chicken burger with salad and Charlotte got a panini and chips. It was such a good price and really delicious meal.

After lunch, we decided to go into the relaxation room. This was so beautiful. It had low level lighting and heated mosaic tiled seating which was incredible. The music was piped through speakers dotted around the room and was panpipes and easy listening. 

Charlotte had a little nap in here! We booked our treatments for 3.30 and didn't want to hit rush hour traffic on the way home. However, I think it would have been nice to have a 20 minute break lay down after the treatments.

I booked the shoulders, neck and back massage and the facial for my treatments and they were amazing. You were led into the room and my therapist left while I stripped to my knickers and climbed into the sheets. I laid on my front and covered myself with the sheets. She came back in and I popped my head in the hole of the table.

The therapist was extremely quiet, spoke in a very soft voice and she crept around as she was massaging me. Music was playing the whole time too - soft music the same as the relaxation room. I asked for a medium firmness to the massage which was perfect for me. I have super tense shoulders so she concentrated a lot of effort onto that. I turned over on to my back for the facial and she wrapped me up in the sheets. I was cocooned inside the blankets and she put a cloth on my hair to protect it and right then, I probably could have gone to sleep.

My facial was with a different range of products that the therapist worked into my skin. It was specifically targeted for my skin as I filled a form in beforehand to highlight that I have oily skin with some dry patches, which is combination skin.

My therapist agreed completely with my skin and also gave me a little list of products that I would maybe find useful. 

All in all, we had a fabulous day. I have been to spas before and although this was more of a health club, it was still ultra relaxing and I had a very early night afterwards! Very chilled out!

Have you got a spa day you can recommend?

Rachael xox

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Exit Newcastle & Za Za Bazaar...

Hi guys,

Recently, I had a fab little night out in Newcastle with my friend, Charlotte, hubby Chris, my two sisters and my bro in law. The whole idea was all about visiting Exit Newcastle. Exit is the classic escape games; basically, you are locked in a room for an hour and have to solve the clues, riddles and puzzles to be able to escape.

We didn't quite know what to expect but we did choose the beginner's game just to be on the safe side. We chose "Save the City" room when booking. It gets so full and obviously there is only one room for each of the levels (Exit has three), that I would advise booking a little far in advance. Exit is in Newcastle city centre and is in quite an unassuming building. You have to make your way to the first floor and they have a few little bits and pieces that look very "Sherlock" on your way up.

This is the waiting area - the desk was made of books and it has this really cool Facebook like counter. I had already liked the paged so I unliked and liked the Exit page again and it then crept round to show the like had added. Not a part of the game but such a cool thing!

The little accessories dotted around the place were so cool too.

I am not going to give away a lot about the game but just give you a little bit more info. So, the lady booked us in and took us to our room. We would be locked in the room for a whole hour and we had to solve the various puzzles in the room. She explained that there was red tape on certain parts of the room that meant that it wasn't included in the actual game. There was a huge sofa, a desk and chair, a tv screen on the wall and various chests and drawers with a big cupboard too.

She explained that we could use the emergency exit at anytime but as soon as we did, the game would be ended - so don't do anything drastic. As soon as she left, the TV screen came to life and gave us the lowdown on the situation. We were to be the saviours of Newcastle!

Basically, somewhere in the room there was a bomb and we had an hour to find it, disarm it and escape! Some of the clues were physical so you had to use apparatus to find keys to open chests or to find even more keys. Some of the clues were mathematical and some were instructional. At one point, we all missed a MASSIVE part of the clues so it cost us a good fifteen minutes! However, good news is we did manage to escape.

This experience was so cool and we are already planning our next trip through to do the next couple of levels! There are quite a few different hosts of escape rooms too - you can find a few in Newcastle as well as one in Stockton on Tees, Durham and Sunderland locally to me but they are all over the country too. 

After the games, we then decided to go and visit Za Za Bazaar in The Gate in Newcastle. 

This restaurant has been on my list to visit for a long time. It it is a world food buffet restaurant that has MAPS for table mats! Unreal!

Chris even went so far as to check off the "countries" he had visited.

They had an English food that had roast dinner and fish and chips. The chinese section was my personal favourite with duck and pancakes, beef in black bean sauce as well as a lot of snacks. Chris' favourite was the Mexican and we all loved the dessert section. There were ready made foods on hot plates but they also had a little menu where you could request food to be made. 

I had the Mr Whippy too - there were so many toppings to choose from so I just piled them all on.

The food is a little pricey but for the novelty, availability of food and quality, it is really good value. The soft drinks are all refillable too. It had a lovely atmosphere and the decor was right up my street. There were several hen and stag dos in there too propping up the bar for cocktails. You can make a proper night of it in here, which I liked. I think if we went back, we would give it a lot more time in here. We were a little bit shorter on time due to having an event beforehand.

I would recommend both of these for an excellent night out!

Have you been to either of these before? Or, have you got any recommendations for me!!

Rachael xox

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Concealer Edit ..

Hi guys,

I have put together my favourite concealers that I use on a regular basis. 

The first one is the Rimmel Lasting Finish concealer which I bought part of a haul last June. It is priced at only £6.99 and it has amazing coverage. I use it when I have a really awful blemish that has no intention of going anywhere as it has a thicker consistency that really hides it. 

I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer priced at £5.49, especially for brightening my under eyes. It literally does wake up your under eyes. Especially if you have suitcases under your arms like me!

I have previously reviewed this product here. I adore Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which is my favourite every day go to concealer. Such a bargain at only £3.99. This is super versatile and I use it to conceal EVERYTHING!

Have you got a concealer you can recommend?

Rachael xox

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara Review

Hi guys,

Out of all of the different beauty products, I definitely have more mascara than anything else. I think this is because I can't wear false eyelashes for work so I try to find the best product I can to make up for it. Also, I just want long thick volumised lashes and I feel like I have tried literally everything to get them.

I got this Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara in a Christmas gift set and I was quite excited as I do love a Soap and Glory product. 

Firstly, the packaging is this really shiny gold with huge gold writing which I really like. 

The brush isn't one of the thickest I have used but it does have a "V groove" that maximises volume as well as collagen to build the lashes' strength. It also has a no flake 24 hour all day wear technology which is so true as it does last. 

The mascara is £9.50 at the minute which isn't bank breaking and definitely worth it.  I do find I have to get length with lash curlers and a separate mascara first but the volume I get from this is superb. I have really thick lashes that do take some work and although I did think the brush initially was going to be too small, it works for me!

Get yours here.

Have you tried this mascara?

Rachael xox

Friday, 14 April 2017

The five perfumes in my collection ...

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you the perfumes that I am currently loving. I have quite a lot of perfumes in my collection and I am obsessed with buying them and I often get them for Christmas & Birthdays too.

However, I wanted to share my very favourites with you!

I adore all Marc Jacobs fragrances and there isn't a single one that I wouldn't wear but I would say Dot is my absolute favourite! I love the fruity playful scent to it and the bottle looks amazing on a dressing table. 

Dot is very long lasting and even the next morning I will catch a whiff of it on a scarf or coat I wore the day before. It just smells so fresh and summery (even though I wear it all year round)

This scent is an unusual one from Marc Jacobs. This is still fresh and feminine but it has a sort of spicy undertone meaning it is perfect for a night out. This isn't something I would wear every day so I save this for events, parties and special occasions. 

This is so good for the value. This is very fresh and fruity and a lot stronger than my usual Marc Jacobs scents. I love it for a holiday scent.

I have used the Emporio Armani Diamonds perfume a lot after receiving it as a gift. I then got the Rose version too and it is even nicer. It is subtle but I feel like its a mix of my Marc Jacobs Dot and Decadence for scents so I can wear this one during the day or on a night. 

Who knew Superdry made perfumes? Not me! I received this one as a gift for Christmas and it smells so good. Some are unisex and others have a male and female version but I like how fresh smelling this one is. It has citrus tones and is ideal for going to the gym or everyday use.

They even do them in miniature versions if you are unsure of which one to try. 

What's your favourite perfume??!

Rachael xox

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Weekend Break: Kielder, Jedburgh, Melrose & Holy Island

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you our little weekend road trip we did recently. It isn't often that Chris and I get a weekend off together so when we do, we like to get out and visit some sights. We live in a gorgeous country and are within about an hour and half drive of Scotland, so we like to see as much of it as possible.

We got a hotel voucher from our best friend, Charlotte, for Christmas and decided to use it on this weekend. 

We drove through Kielder National Forest Park on the way upto Scotland and it was the most beautiful place. It was quite cold and rainy on the way but the drive was incredible and there were so many places you could stop at along the way. We will definitely be bookmarking another trip up here when the weather is a little warmer. There is even a castle in the grounds.

It was such a lovely road trip. We made a pitstop in Jedburgh in the Scottish borders. We stopped at Simply Scottish which is a cafe/restaurant in Jedburgh High St. We had a sandwich each with some crisps and it was super delicious and such good value for money.

It also has a licensed bar for a night out!

We also had a pitstop at a Costa for a hot chocolate. They are gorgeous.

We finally got to the hotel which was The Buccleuch Arms in Melrose. The hotel had plenty of parking and had a cosy lounge area with woodburning stove which we sipped some drinks in later that night. Our room was in the eaves and was a tad small but it was a lovely stay. 

We didn't book a table for dinner and decided to go into Melrose instead. We ate at The King's Arms and that was delicious. Well worth a trip!

My face:

Liquid eyeliner: Collection fast stroke

We then visited Holy Island which is the Lindisfarne Reserve. You can only visit here when you the tide is out as it is an island off the north coast. It was a beautiful day on the drive over and it was all little country and farm lanes which was just perfect. The crossing over to the island is quite narrow and has sand in places where it hasn't yet dried out and blown away.

You can take a walk around the whole island which takes about an hour. You could visit the castle but there were works happening when we visited but the Priory was open. There are shops and cafes and even holiday lets and b&bs. We are thinking of going back and taking the dogs with us to have a relaxing weekend break trapped on an island.

We took the coastal drive home and drove past Bamburgh Castle (yes this was shot from the car) which was stunning against a bright blue sky. We will be going back to visit here too!

Lindisfarne Castle

We had such a gorgeous little break and took it a lot of new sights for us. Our next planned weekend will be the Peak District in August - can't wait!

Have you got any weekend break recommendations?

Rachael xox

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How Do You Do Hartlepool Review ...

Hi guys,

So I feel like lately all I have talked about is going out to eat but I promise you I do not do this all the time!

My best friend Charlotte and I often pop out for lunch when it's half term and my day off (she is a teacher) but luckily, our other friend Hayley, who moved to Carlisle for work was also home so we went out for a lovely lunch. 

We have been visiting the Marina more and more because so many individual places have just opened up. We are loving the quirky layouts and good home cooked food!

On this occasion, we decided to go to How Do You Do in Hartlepool. 

It is only small but the tables are heavy wood, they have a turfed lawn on the front with chairs for in the Summer and have some lovely touches such as the Ferris wheel above.

Hayley is a vegetarian so she ordered a quiche which she really enjoyed. Charlotte opted for the deep filled pie and I decided on a chicken burger with chips and side salad. 

The food was beautiful and the place had a lovely atmosphere (although it sounded like the manager was having some account issues on the phone in the background). This is another bar that serves food during the day but they have an excellent cocktail menu for the evening. We will be back for those, for sure!

Have you been here?

Rachael xox